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CYD 65W 19V 3.42A PowerFast-Laptop-Netzteil für Asus X551 X551C X551CA X551M X551MA X551MAV X550 X550C X550CA X550LA X550ZA X552 X550LN X552LAV X555DA X555L X555LA X401A X502C X751MA,8.2Ft Kable

CYD Netzteil has been tested and validated to ensure it will work with Asus D550CA D550M D550MA D550MAV F502CA F551M F555LA F555UA K501UW K550CA K550LA R503U R510C R510CA R510L R554LA UL30A X550ZA X552CL X552L X552LAV X555DA X555L X555LA A52F A53S A54C X44H X53U X54C X55A X55C X55L X75A: A55A-TH51 D550MA-DS01-DB01-RS31 F502CA-EB31 F502CA-EB91 F551MAV-DB02-B F555LA-AB31 F555LA-AH51… Read More »